Specifications & details

The decorative art panels created by RIZNIK art expressions are artistic covering, suitable for any location or environment.
Our panels are fantastic indoors as well as outdoors. They can withstand water, moisture and almost any climate conditions, including locations subject to extreme conditions.
They are ideal for commercial as well for private spaces, that otherwise wouldn’t be suitable for large scale art works, Spaces can become the focus of ambitious installations such and not limited: wet area, showers, outdoors living, wall decorations, furniture, doors, outer’s backsplash, elevator’s ceiling, curved walls, columns Etc. In fact, this product maintains its characteristics of durability and non-toxicity even under prolonged exposure to extreme weather

Our artworks are made from a smart and versatile material.
These support are very light and workable. The greatest value of these materials lies in their ability to accept digital printing directly on the surface with excellent results, well as their key characteristics:
Suitable for use both indoors and outdoors; UV ray resistant; Perfectly flat; Incredibly lightweight; Completely soundproof (they do not resonate) easy to work with and requires no anti-static treatment.

Thickness 0.15″ / 3mm

The technical data of the support are as follows:

Composite Alimunum:
0.15” / 3mm
Panel maximum size available in white base:
5” x 10” in the Americas / 2000×4000 mm in UE-Asia
In golden/silver base:
4” x 8” in the Americas / 1250×3000 mm in UE-Asia
1 lbs x sq/ft / 5 kg x sq/mt
Thermal resistance:
from – 122ZF to +176ZF / from -50ZC to +80ZC


  • Aluminum 0.82 Lb x S.F.

Various techniques are carefully used to created our different patterns. Two panels are ever the same. Over a large panel it will have numerous shades, tones, tiny pores, dots or color shading, and the surface will have pattern specific textures and undulations. These undulations are not a defect of the panels. They appear in all of our panel and are part of the handmade process and beauty of this unmatched in quality resin application.