Step 1 – Remove the faucet
Step 2 – Clean the walls well
Step 3 – Cuts and drilling of the panels
Step 4 – Application of the glue to the wall
Step 5 – Application of the panel in the wall
Step 6 – Silicone joints
Step 7 – Cleaning the panels

For the perfect installation of the panels, it is recommended to use qualified installers. A professional tiling, marble or mosaic is recommended.

When installing, it is recommended to use single-component polyurethane adhesive products, resistant to moisture and thermal resistance.
Mainly, there are several quality products suitable for this purpose can be easily found in all countries of the world for example: LIQUID NAIL – BOSTIK – TRADE FIX or PLANICRETE W by Mapei . (in the rest of the world is called KERALASTIC T) Or similar products.
The adhesive must be spread evenly on the wall using a toothed spatula. The artwork can be applied and locked in place by applying pressure with the palm of the hand.
(See the picture under)

Riznik installation
N.B. Emac produce small profile secretly designed to protect and decorate the edges and the corners

Cuts and drilling adjustments on site:

First, it is always essential to make all the cuts on the back of the panels to prevent resin chipping or peeling.
Small and large cuts can be performed using professional machines such as the ROUTER-PANEL SAW WALL SYSTEM CNC system.
Better yet is to use a TABLE SAW with a fine tooth laminate grade blade to prevent chipping the resin.
Lastly if the case requires simple cuts can be use a simple SCORING KNIFE BLADE.
To make holes to the panels in case you needed to install shower fixture or any else we recommend using a HOLE SAW for metal or a regular drill that will allow you to make a several small hole so that the resin will not chip or break. (See the picture under)

Maintenance and cleaning:

The surface of the panel does not require special maintenance. The panel is very durable, but we recommend that you do not use abrasive products to prevent any possible scratching of the panel.
In the market you will find a lot of products suitable for this use and finally any useful product for daily glass cleaning can serve. We strongly recommend that you DO NOT USE bleach or thinners of any similar products.
To keep the panels beautiful we recommend using a microfiber cloth.