Our iPanel will transform the look of your bathroom or shower quickly and easily, in one day you will get the result of a job that normally would take two weeks. Our iPanels are an excellent alternative to tiles, they are really easy to clean and easy to maintain.
Our product is water-resistant and easily adaptable to any available surface, they result. Perfect for any type of remodeling, can be glued to existing walls or tiles.
Cuts and punches are easy to perform.

Replacing bathroom or shower tiles are usually the last solution for most homeowners. The main reason is that you will surely be guaranteed days of uneasiness, a lot of dust throughout the house that will be difficult to clean and without counting the need to choose the right contractor and who will do the work in time …… difficult indeed?
So why look for all these problems when you can just use our panels? Which will result in a much faster, less invasive and cheaper way to give life to your living space.

Here we follow you just remember some possible uses and on the following pages some photo ideas.

– Remodeling an existing bathroom or shower
– Customize a new bath or shower
– Remodeling the walls of an elevator